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DynITEC is a leading developer and manufacturer of military igniters and detonators, energetic materials and electronic initiation systems.

Complete explosive trains with integrated and tuned individual elements are part of our particular portfolio, which - to a large extent - is based on our own development and manufacturing capabilities of the required energetic materials. With various chrystal configurations and grain sizes we control the igniters' and detonators' characteristics with regard to sensitivity, performance and delay times. Combined with electronically controlled capabilities these systems offer revolutionary new application patterns.

Flexible, high-performance manufacturing capacities allow for both prototype and series production.

Long-term, reliable supply to our clients with established as well as newly developed products represents the prime objective for DynITEC.

Corporate Compliance

General Business Principles of the Diehl Corporate Group

Environmental Policy

The DynITEC GmbH is committed to fulfil the applicable compliance obligations and commitments, continuously improve the environmental management system, enhancement of the environmental performance and the protection of the environment.

Our Guidelines:

  1. The environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and products should be as low as possible.
  2. The environmental impact of new activities, new procedures and new products, considering economic aspects, use of raw materials and energy sparingly and reuse secondary products through recycling in the production process are assessed in advance.
  3. The environmental impacts caused by our significant environmental aspects, taking into account the economic and legal framework conditions are minimized as much as possible.
  4. Environmental protection is considered a management task. We encourage the level of knowledge and the sense of responsibility of our employees for the environment through appropriate information, trainings and briefings. We take care to secure and conserve the acquired knowledge.
  5. We work together with the public authorities on a mutual trust basis towards environmental protection.
  6. In addition to our measures to protect the environment, we see an element of confidence in an open information policy towards the public.

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