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Process-technical Capabilities
Chemical Capabilities

Process-technical Capabilities

Major apparative elements of our four pilot plants:

Reactor cascades for continuous processes: < 1 L; 10 L, 20 L
Batch reactors: sizes in 80 L, 160 L and 640 L
Reaction temperatures from –25 °C up to 200 °C
Central refrigerating system: - 25 °C
Central supply of highly concentrated nitric acid
Destillation column for solvent recycling
Pipe-bank heat exchanger
Exhaust absorption system
Rotating evaporator up to 50 L volume
Rotor-stator grinding of explosives for volumes of 10 - 100 L and < 30 microns average particle size
Drying house capacity up to 600 kg of solid explosives



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