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Answer back remote initiation system BFAS

The answer back remote initiation system BFAS represents the latest development of DynITEC. It provides a compact alternative to the standard transmitting devices, such as the Combifire and the mini transmitter SPG.

The system consists of:

Handheld transmitter HSG

Receiver BFAE-AS4

The system comes with a transceiver module for bidirectional communication. Thus the range of the remote controlled initiation between transmitter and receiver can be tested from the transmission place. Additionally the handheld transmitter HSG can be used for unidirectional initiation also. Four receiver program places (ID) can be administered and controlled with the handheld transmitter HSG. The control is made by three keyboard fields and the status indication by means of six two-coloured LED.

The remote controlled initiation device BFAE-AS4 is designed to initiate electronic blasting caps ESK3 and electrical blasting caps, like the German DM 42, and is initiated by radio frequency and can be used for both, unidirectional and bidirectional initiation. The BFAE-AS4 is a compact reusable version with replaceable batteries.

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